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Welcome to CYC Digital, where innovation meets education, and technology transforms lives. Established in the year 2020, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize learning through cutting-edge digital solutions. At CYC Digital, we are committed to pioneering audio-visual experiences that not only encourage education but also contribute to the overall betterment of human life.

Product & Services

Interactive Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel can make lessons more engaging for students and help to create visual aids such as multimedia content such as videos, images, diagrams, charts, graphs and animations, making learning more memorable and interesting.

It allows the teachers to reuse lesson materials which can help in reducing preparation time and increase consistency across different classes and participate in interactive and different learning styles and needs.

It allows teachers to write unlimited words without erasing anything and save them in many different formats and easily share a QR code with those students who write and understand slowly, with absent students, and those students who want to revise at home.


The app provides an interactive learning experience for students through engaging and interactive content. This helps students to retain knowledge more effectively.

The app allows parents and teachers to monitor student's progress in real-time. This helps identify areas where students may need extra support or guidance.

The app uses gamification techniques to make learning more fun and engaging for students. This helps to improve motivation and participation in learning activities.

Smart Class Setup

The visual and interactive nature of smart classes can help students to better understand complex concepts. They can see and interact with the content in a way that makes it more memorable and easier to comprehend.

With a smart class setup, teachers can create interactive and engaging lessons that incorporate multimedia elements such as videos, images, and animations. This can make learning more interesting and enjoyable for students.

Smart classes can help students to retain information better, as they are more likely to remember what they see and hear compared to what they read in a textbook.

Online Studio Setup

Online studios offer collaborative tools that make it easy to work with other artists, designers, and clients. These tools include video conferencing, file sharing, and project management software.

Online studios give you the flexibility to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can work during the day, at night, or on weekends, depending on your preferences and availability.

Online studios typically have lower overhead costs than traditional studios, making it easier to start a business or pursue a career in a creative field.

STEM Education

STEM education encourages students to think critically, ask questions, and find solutions to complex problems. This skill set can be applied to any subject or situation, making STEM-educated individuals highly adaptable.

STEM education prepares students for high-paying and in-demand careers in fields such as engineering, computer science, healthcare, and finance. These fields are projected to grow faster than other industries in the coming years.

STEM education fosters creativity and innovation by providing students with the tools and knowledge to develop new technologies, products, and solutions.

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